Metal Fabrication

hi-tech metal fabrication

As a world class manufacturer, Hi Tech Air Systems Inc. Provides technology, expertise and support to integrate our products into your application. Whether your application requires a standard, or custom product, let Hi Tech Air Systems Inc. Assist you in improving your production and quality.
In our Sheet Metal Fabrication department, the smallest decisions are vital. Therefore, make the first important decision a good one by choosing Hi Tech Air Systems Inc, for your next project. The top of the line equipments  coupled with industry know-how makes our dedicated team not only competent but also proficient and reliable in all their fabrication endeavors.
At Hi Tech Air Systems Inc, our strong dedication that ensures your project gets the most amount of precision and care. With our current level of project experience, you can easily trust your project in our good hands. Our services include metal cutting, stamping, bending, and welding among many others. Call us at Toll-Free: 1-877-326-6602 or Local: 905-738-7890 today for a project quote and more information.